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A logo, emblem or symbol is one of the most important features of any business’ commercial identity and should be an accurate and eye-catching representation of your organization’s business and beliefs. Including powerful colours, fonts and forms will ensure your business stands out from the crowd in a manner that portrays professionalism and expertise in your particular trade or industry. An effective logo from the creative design team at logodesign.com.sg will allow a viewer to instantly recognize your company whilst, inspiring and creating trust with your organization.

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A great logo should be unique, simple and characteristic of your business and the goods and services you have to offer. At logodesign.com.sg we work tirelessly to deliver you a brand new business identity, which will be designed and developed to appeal to your business’ target audience not just your company directors. We ensure a positive and effective brand that will resonate professionalism and success with your customers and clients who will associate your new emblem with the high-quality business you provide.


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At logodesign.com.sg we operate a full-service Digital Design Agency in Singapore, delivering innovative and attention-grabbing professional design services. Our creative team of graphic and digital designers will produce a unique logo or symbol for your business that will stand out from the crowd and ensure your business receives the attention it deserves.

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Our professional Logo Design Services in Singapore extends to comprehensive Business Branding, to maximize your company’s visual interaction with clients and customers. Your brand is vitally important for differentiating you from your competitors and a complete brand makeover from our team of graphic designers and marketing experts will see your business gain a professional edge over your rivals


The Internet has become a powerful and effective tool for business owners, and your organization’s new logo or brand should be incorporated in all marketing channels to ensure maximum success. Our professional web design and development team can customize an online solution for your business, based around your brand new business image.

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Why Choose Logo Design Singapore?

At logodesign.com.sg we enjoy the expertise of highly experienced, in-house designers and developers that can produce the ideal logo for your business. Our team of graphic, web and marketing professional will design an effective branding image that will suit your company and the products or services you have to offer, as well as appealing to your target audience. We have successfully produced logo’s and brands for some of Singapore’s biggest business’ and we can deliver the same effective outcome for your organization too.

Our multi-talented design department features only the most experienced and professional designers, many of which have been accredited with International Design Awards. Every one of our graphic and web designers are residents of Singapore, which is extremely important as our creative design team are the specialists in producing effective logos and brands that are appropriate for Singapore businesses and Singapore markets, while also being one of the industry leaders in International business branding and logo design.

The Logo Design Process

The process of coming up with an apt logo design for a client follows these five major steps. At Logo Design Singapore, we aim to make sure that at the end of the process you have the best logo design, exceeding both your and our expectations and requirements.

Here is how this is executed for you:

1. Logo design package selection

Depending on your specific requirements, the first step would be to choose a logo design package from our pre-existing packages. These offer a variety of services, including logo designs, stationery design, website design or any of the above in combination. We have on board a design consultant who can help you settle on the right package for you, or help you tailor one to suit your needs if the existing packages are not suffice.

2. Providing the necessary information

Once you have settled on a package, our team will require you to equip us with all the necessary information that will guide our design process. An in-depth knowledge of your brand and/or company will help us capture your essence in the logo, and decide on what framework to follow in designing your corporate identity.

3. Creation of the Logo designs

Once we have your information, our team of designers will brainstorm on various ideas and come up with a design that we believe best represents your brand, vision and values. As well as, which design best reaches your target consumers. Lastly, each project is assigned a project manager, who will be in communication with you to ensure that we meet your requirements specifically and tend to any concerns you may have.

4. Revision of Logo Designs

Based on your feedback and recommendations, the logo designs will be edited for fonts, colour and every other aspect. We merge our insights and your ideas to ensure that you end up with the best possible design solution for your brand

5. File download

If you are fully satisfied with the work we’ve done, you can download the final design files from a secure Client Centre where we upload them. You will receive an email letting you know we have uploaded your package.

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